Why a personalized holistic technique and alternative psychology?

In order to understand and help a person, we need to know them on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level.

It would be like considering only the petals of a flower, without taking into account its scent, color, or pollen. There is so much more to it.



Reiki means “hands-on treatment” and it is a traditional Japanese technique for energy rebalancing. It was discovered by Master Mikao Usui in the early 1900s, and his disciples further developed it, even outside of Japan.



The body is a reflection not only of our physical state but also of our emotional state. Through the body and its resources, we can nurture the soul.

Mind-Body-Emotions are interconnected, they interact with each other, and cannot be separated. Each person is a holistic being, a unity of Mind-Body-Emotions.



What is Counselling?

Counselling, or psychological counseling, is a supportive relationship between a Professional Counsellor and a client who needs to approach their difficulties in a different way, seeking new perspectives.

The Counsellor’s role is to provide the client with a space to feel heard and non-judged, creating a climate of positive dialogue.


Gestalt therapy

The aim of Gestalt therapy is to help individuals understand what they feel, think, say, and do, aligning all of these aspects to find solutions to their difficulties and problems. This is why the motto “Know thyself” is crucial because only through introspection can we identify the reasons why we react, feel, and behave in a certain way instead of another.


Phytotherapy and Bach’s Flower

Phytotherapy, popularly known as the use of medicinal plants, has played a significant role in human history. For centuries, humans have used plants to treat diseases in children, adults, and the elderly.


Meditacion and Mindfulness

Positive visualizations help a person feel better by promoting the production of serotonin through neurotransmitters. Visualization meditation has been used as a tool for a long time, but it is now that awareness of its effectiveness is increasing.

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